Twinflame Full Reading


This will be a video recorded reading and currently has a 7 day turn around time. The video links will be emailed to the email you used for the purchase of this reading.

You will receive:

  • 3 Video Segments of the full reading (its a lot of information)

  • 20 minute follow up session if needed to discuss anything that came up for you

    • Can be live, via messaging or email​

  • Plan of Action guided by spirit

Base Reading:

  • Energy of the Connection

  • Your energy and what you need to be aware of

  • Their energy and what you need to be aware of

  • What your higher selves are working on in the 5D to help you in the 3D

  • Guidance – Take away, as what you can work on right now

Viewing Each Other

I will tap into how you perceive each other. Sometimes it shows us that underneath all the behavior the love and care is still there and sometimes it shows us our wounds. As in, how we are seeing them is through wounded eyes so it’s a great tool to help figure out what needs to be released.

Feeling About Each Other

I will tap into the feelings of things because we often feel differently then we act. Due to trauma, conditioned behavior, etc, we don’t always feel safe acting how we feel for fear of rejection or betrayal or abandonment.

Supporting Each Other

I will tap into what you are doing to support yourself, the connection and your person, as well as what they are doing to support themselves, the connection and you.

Healing Right Now

I will tap into what is being healed and how its being healed, this is often for confirmation or awareness.

Lessons Being Learned

I will tap into what lessons are being learned right now, how they are mirroring and how they are affecting you and the connection.

Blockages Releasing

I will tap into what is being released blockage wise, like what you guys have experienced as a blockage, why, and how its being released.

Focused On Right Now

I will tap into what is being focused on because where we focus our energy goes.  This can help understand where you are directing your energy and how it is helpful or hindering depending on what it is.

Past Life Information

I will channel any information on the past lives you have had.  Sometimes there are lessons from then that are being closed out, sometimes there are really amazing things that you can tap into in this life.

Skill Sets

I will tap into what gifts you guys naturally have, energetic and human. This can help you understand what resources you have available to you and what you can call in the help you in this journey present moment.

Life Mission + Purpose

I will tap into what you part of your purpose is as individuals as well as a pair. What you are doing or can start doing to support it.

External influences

I will tap into what is affecting the two of you externally, what is drawing your attention, could be beliefs from others, people, environments, etc.  Sometimes we are unconscious in how we get caught up in things outside ourselves.  While you won’t be able to do anything with the external influences in your counter part’s life it can often mirror things happening with you and therefore help you become more aware of your situation.

Karmic Energy

I will tap into what karma is coming up to be healed, could be a relationship (romantic or family), between you, personal, or collective, also how and why this is part of your journey.

Childhood Wounds

I will tap into the prominent wound you are each dealing with. This will be either betrayal, rejection or abandonment. How its affecting the energy between you two and what you can do to heal it for yourself and create the path for your person to heal theirs.

Wants + Desires

I will tap into what you truly want and desire, what could be blocking it or stopping you from creating it.

Channeled Songs

I will pull a few songs and what the energy is behind them and why

Messages from Them to You

I will pull some messages and channel anything that comes through to help you get an understand of what is happening for you and what they are experiencing right now.

Spiritual Guidance

I will tap into what guides, angels and animals are guiding you both on this journey.