Twinflame Chakra Alignment

You will receive a video recorded reading for you to keep and watch as many times as you like. 


This reading is great for those who would like to clear and balance their 7 chakras.  We will delve into any energy blockages in each energy centre for both you and your Twinlame.

See the list of questions I ask your higher self and soul guidance teams:

On Sale until September 30th, 2020! Normally $55!

🌟 Soul Star - What is your higher self trying to communicate?

🌟Crown - What you are understanding (any blockages to your knowing)

🌟Third Eye - What you are seeing (any blockages to your intuition)

🌟Throat - What you are speaking (any blockages to your truth)

🌟Heart - What are you loving (any blockages to love)

🌟Solar-Plexus - What you are acting (any blockages to empowerment)

🌟Sacral - What you are feeling (any blockages to your creativity or passion)

🌟Root - What you are (any blockages to self)

🌟Earth Star - How can you ground and anchor your energy better?

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