Twinflame Full Intuitive Reading

You will receive a video recorded reading for you to keep and watch as many times as you like. 


This reading is great for those Twinflames who haven't been in communication in a while and would like clarification on the entirety of the connection.

See the list of questions I ask you and your Twinflame's higher selves and soul guidance teams:

Connection Energy

           ❤ Current Energy of the situation between the two of you

                      Hidden factors

                      Blockages and lessons

                      External influences


Your Energy
           ❤ Where you’re at with this journey

                      Your energy

                      What is important for you to be aware of

                      What emotions are coming through subconsciously

                      How is the connection affecting you

                      How you are viewing them and the connection


Your Twin's Energy
           ❤ Where your counter part is at in the journey

                     Their current energy

                    What's on their mind

                    What are they feeling in their emotions

                    What are they dealing with in the physical

                    How are they viewing you and the connection

Present + Future Energy

           ❤ Currently evolving and healing in the connection
                    What you can do right now to for you and the connection 
                    How do they want to move forward with you
                    Near future outcome
                    Guidance for the connection
                    What they want you to know right now

+ One Question of Your Choosing (Non-time related or confirmation of who your twin is)

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