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Human Design Basics

Welcome to the world of Human Design! I am Candice and I would like to offer you some insight into this powerful system. Human Design uses your date, time, and location of birth to create a chart that reveals who you are designed to be in this lifetime. It is a multi-modality system that combines astrology, the I Ching, Kabbalah, and the chakra system to create a unique blueprint for individuals. This system provides profound insight and clarity into your life, helping you unlock your full potential and live your true purpose.

What Is Human Design Used For?

People use it for all kinds of things, especially when it comes to diving deeper into the understanding of life and purpose. For the most part, I use it to help my clients feel more empowered in themselves. 

Human Design is a powerful tool for self-discovery that reveals your unique energetic blueprint. I use this system to help people unlock their hidden potential and live an authentic, fulfilling life. My approach is to guide you through the process of discovering your unique gifts and talents while offering insights into how you can best use them to achieve living in your most authentic capacity. I am a firm believer in loving yourself wholly so I use Human Design to help people see where maybe they are limiting themselves through judgement instead of fully accepting themselves. Often the flaws we perceive to have aren't flaws at all but quirks and idiosyncrasies misunderstood by society.

Much like other metaphysical modalities like Numerology and Astrology, Human Design offers a unique perspective of yourself beyond what you've been taught about yourself. It highlights the deepest, truest elements of your existence here and the roles you're meant to play.

Often people aren't surprised by what they learn in our sessions, but what they do discover (or maybe rediscover) make them feel seen, heard, and more importantly accepted, and in that, they feel empowered to lean into live and their dreams. I have yet to experience anyone being disappointed by what they discover. In fact, they tend to feel better about their experiences when they understand why they happened the way they did.

I tend to use Human Design from a self awareness perspective but it also helps you understand other people and how or why you interact with them in the way that you do.  But understanding your human design and even the human design of the people in your life can help clear up communication issues, help with setting boundaries, offer compassion and empathy and acceptance. Human Design can be used for best business practices (management and employee integration, utilizing strengths and redefining flaws, marketing potential), healing and strengthening family and romantic relationships. 

Human Design Glossary

Here is a glossary of Human Design terms and what they mean


indicates the way in which your energy flows in the world.


indicates the way your energy flows with other people, every type has a unique strategy


indicates whether you're in alignment with your type and strategy or not, , every type has a unique signature

Inner Authority

indicates the energetic authority you're born with and can learn to trust over the brain


the diagram that houses information about how our energy is designed to flow.


a specific point where the origin of our energy is determined, where we sample and pull in or ruminate and project out


the part of your chart that denotes digestion, environment, awareness, perception, manifestation, etc. defined by arrows

Color + Tone

the part of your chart that lends an underlying tone to your variables


A specific type of energy, a characteristic, gift, skill, we choose to experience and use as a tool in this life time.


the part of your gate that lends an underlying tone to the gate energy


A connecting energy that alchemizes two active parts (two gates and two centers) of our chart and creates a whole new energy for us to utilize.


the way your defined centers interact with the world and with eachother to integrate information and your experience


the characteristics you embody (like an archetype)

Incarnation Cross

your core mission in this life time

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