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Emotionally Catalytic Times

You can not hide from your emotions in this energy, I repeat, you can not.

I, an emotional authority, tend to have a pretty even keel when it comes to my emotions, and the deep sadness I have felt and tears I have been crying l have experienced is a testament to this energy cycle's purpose and what it's here to do for us all.

The sun entered Gate 6 on September 15th, 2023 and will stay there until September 20th, 2023. Gate 6 is the gate of emotional intimacy and it's through our experience with conflict during this time that we can use our emotions to release stagnant energy and overcome any fear we had in expressing our feelings. I'll get into how conflict is our friend at this time and how it actually helps us in just a moment.

This particular cycle seems to be centered around sadness but may not show up as sadness. Now, I won't break out the feeling wheel but you can feel free to look it up because often sadness is expressed in other emotions. The big ones are sense are:

  • Anger + Frustration - being angry, frustrated or annoyed that something is happening that makes you sad

  • Guilt + Shame - feeling like you've done something that makes you or others sad

  • Desperation + Fear - feeling like you'll miss out on something and that makes you sad or will make you sad

  • Grief + Loss - feeling like something or someone has died (can be literal death or a departure from your life)

Sadness, at it's core, is separation in some form. Feeling separated from love. Feeling separated from others. Feeling separated from yourself, or life. Our reaction to that sadness is what helps us gain clarity as to what we are really sad about. And in this energy, we can't help but FEEL what we are sad about. And this, is the key. Let yourself feel, let the emotional energy move the filters of your reality out of the way so you can see what's really going on.


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Emotionally Intimacy

Who doesn't love an emotionally available person? Who really, truly knows what that means? We know that we want to have relationships with people who are able to connect with us emotionally, but we live in a society where emotional experiences are shut down and distorted from early childhood. It's something we want from others, but how deep can we do this with ourselves? How are we emotionally available to ourselves and to those around us?

How can we possibly expect to be emotionally intimate with another human being if we don't really know how to be emotionally intimate with ourselves? How do you know or understand the level of intimacy you truly desire if you don't really understand emotional intimacy with yourself? What even is emotional intimacy???

Let's keep it simple. Emotional intimacy is the depth in which you allow yourself to feel and experience emotion. Intimacy can only be achieved through trust and acceptance. So it makes sense that in order to achieve emotional intimacy with yourself, you need to learn to trust and accept the emotions you have. You could even extend this to the emotional experiences and responses you have, because even in those, you have a deeper understanding of what you're experiencing.

This doesn't just have to apply to your romantic connections. I can't think of a child who doesn't want or crave an emotional connection to their parent. I know I, as an adult child to my parents, crave emotional intimacy with them. The freedom to feel how I feel and feel connected to them in a way beyond intellect or even hugging. This is not something that will be achieved in this lifetime for me, but I can break the cycle by learning to invest in my own emotional evolution.


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Conflict + It's Gifts

Here is the thing, I get it, no one likes conflict. Not consciously anyways. We, as a species that equates survival to peace, will do anything to keep the peace. That includes the need to keep our emotions locked up tight. But conflict, conflict doesn't really allow us to do that. It gets right in our face until we acquiesce to it's demands and respond with what we have emotionally. For some, that's yelling or screaming, for others it's crying, for others is doubling down harder and internalizing the response in some way as if it's better to hurt yourself than someone else.

If you're someone who is overly invested in keeping the peace, your efforts will be tested. This is a passive form of trying to avoid the feelings you have. You may experience being brought to the brink where you finally just let it rip out of frustration or surrender the need to keep all emotions at bay (within you and everyone else).

In the aggressive form of trying to avoid feelings, we have people that are volatile who just blurt out their feelings without any ability to witness themselves or look for any kind of resolution. The deep need to express emotion but no ability to actually deal with their emotions.

I want to take this a step further for those who have "woken" up to some degree, where you've gained an understanding of the consciousness within you and now see the world differently. The spiritual overlay of this energy will make you believe that if you're a healed and evolved human being, you don't feel low vibrational emotions, let alone express them. But here me now, that is a falsehood that will absolutely set you up for failure if you abide by it. You are human, you are here to be human. You are transmuting and releasing thousands of years of ancestry and emotional trauma. You are often absorbing and releasing the emotional energy of others. To deny yourself your emotion, is to deny a vital part of yourself and your humanness.

While it's frowned upon to project emotion, sometimes the projection of the emotion acts as a catalyst to breaking open someone emotionally. Intention matters and for all intense purposes, most people aren't intending to harm when they express their anger, they aren't even conscious of it. It doesn't make it right, I know, but sometimes it happens. And it's something that tends to move energy out quickly. This is not the same as putting up with an emotionally abusive person, while that will have it's own purpose. This is more about judging yourself less for how you feel and react so you can actually make sense out of what happened and do what you need to reconcile it within you.

Conflict isn't always a direct interaction with someone. Sometimes it shows up in the things or people you engage in. Maybe it's something you see on social media that makes you angry. Maybe it's the energy with which someone says something that triggers something inside of you. If you're sensitive to energy you're going to feel the subconscious undertones in what the person is conveying and if it's low vibrational, it'll trigger the low vibrational energy within you for release.

Whatever it is that triggers you, it's helping you see that you're carrying old energy that needs to be released. We are only ever triggered by things that we carry. We carry all kinds of unknown trauma from our past that we don't even realize. If it's not something you're carrying, you won't feel it the same way. So let the emotion and the conflict help you release the subconscious energy that is no longer server your narrative or what you really want for yourself.

I once watched a video on Instagram (@lockehaman) where a man described emotions as farts as a way to explain to his kids why emotional release is important:

He says, "Emotions are like farts. It hurts when you hold them in. Some can clear the room, and sometimes they are silent, and if you let them out too aggressively sometimes you can make a mess. But whatever form they take their natural and you need to let them out."

I know we've been taught that are emotions are bad because it means somethings wrong and this makes us deeply uncomfortable, but what if letting those emotions unfold we get to truly understand what's wrong and heal ourselves through it?


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Relationships + This Energy

Relationships will experience an increase in conflict in order to bring people closer through emotional intimacy. Some will rise to the occasion and some will not. For some it will be a the breaking point that breaks them up or breaks them down for a breakthrough. Like we just can't keep going like this, something has to change. It will bring clarity and reflection once the emotion is moved out. Even emotional manipulation in this energy is going to be a catalyst.

I suspect in the next coming weeks we will see another onslaught of separations and divorces. The next 5 days is really just adding fuel to the fire when it comes to karmic relationships, or the unknowingly unhealthy relationships. People in karmic relationships deserve to be free of the codependency and happy in a relationship too. Remember, they only behave unconsciously from a state of unhappiness and absence of love. Love changes everything and it's hard to feel love when you're fighting for a relationship that looks good in your mind but can't be felt in your heart.

Non-romantic relationships may also experience conflict of some kind as emotions rise to the surface. Truly, the best thing you can do is be present with yourself and feel into what's coming up in you. What is triggered? What are you upset about? What needs of yours aren't being met? What can you do about it? Can there be a conversation that will help you move through the experience? What are you doing to understand what you're feeling?

You may even see the more sensitive children become more emotionally reactive at this time. I find this often happens when kids are unable to express what's going on with them or feeling oppressed in some way.


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Emotions + Human Design

Emotions tend to reside in the solar plexus and Gate 6 is housed there.

If you have gate 6 manifested (the gate colored in in your natal chart) then connecting with emotional intimacy is part of your life in this incarnation. You may experience conflict more often than others or find so much of your understanding of emotions comes through the emotional experiences you have with others. If gate 6 is your personality sun gate, its a big part of your purpose here.

If you have a defined solar plexus (where the center is filled in in your natal chart) you are an emotional authority so understanding emotions is actually your wheel house and you won't be as triggered by the emotionally projected energy at this time. But, it may be hard for you to understand or have empathy for others who are feeling things deeply in the moment and you may be the one projected emotion. So lean into your feelings and do what you can to release them.

If you have an open solar plexus (as seen in the image above) you will be more susceptible to the emotional energy because you pull in, sample, and amplify emotional energy from those around you. It's going to be important for you to release the emotion whether it belongs to you or not. In fact, you don't want to spend too much time trying to figure out why you feel the way you do, when that happens, it's like you are holding onto the emotion to dissect it.


I know this sounds awful because we don't like to feel the icky feelings, but I promise you, it's healthy and it's helping. Let the emotion purge the energy your body can't release on it's own so that you can feel better, lighter, and clearer.

Much love, Candice

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