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Redefining Mediocrity with Human Design Gate 8: Divine Contribution

woman with a pensive expression while standing in the sun in nature

'Redefining Mediocrity with Human Design Gate 8: Divine Contribution', what does that even mean?

On May 16th, 2024 we enter a time of creative contribution and awareness. For each person, what you contribute to the grand scheme of things, will be different. It isn't about what's expected of you, it's about what unique gift you have to offer the world and recognizing that everyone, in some capacity, contributes to life and the world we live in. We are redefining mediocrity with the energy of gate 8, a divine contribution.

Every 5 of 6 days the Sun enters a new vibrational frequency, we in the Human Design world like to call a 'Gate'. For reference the Sun traverses all 12 zodiac signs through out a year, it does the same, making it's way through all 64 gates of Human Design. I like to reference both Gene Keys and Human Design in these posts so my perspective is based on what I understand and sense, please deduce your own conclusions and take away only what resonates.

This article is dedicating to understanding and working with all aspects of energy this gate has to offer us. Some of you may only experience the gift, but most of you will have little tangos with shadow and I want to give you the tools you need to create a performative masterpiece.


The throat center in the human design body graph with gate 8 defined

Let's Get to Know Gate 8 A Little Bit

Gate 8 is located in Throat center which speaks to the energy of our expression and manifestation.

It represents our ability to provide a unique contribution to the world - if you have this gate manifested (or filled in) like the one in the image shown, it's either a natural gift you have or something you're here to master (depending on what planets it's associated with).

Because it's an expressive energy it's very much about how you put yourself out there into the world. It's not always about being perfect or being what other's think or need. It's about you being your weird little self and rocking with. You never know whose life you're touching just by being you.

Every gate (when utilized with the keys of Gene Keys) has a transformative energy. Each gate can help you transmute energy and engage in new energy. For this gate we recognize the old energy or what tends to become shadow behaviors and patterns of ourselves - as mediocrity - or feeling wooden or artificial. In our awareness, we get the opportunity to shift - with this gate it's embracing our own unique style of going about life. And then, we embody the gift of the new energy - which for this gate is exquisiteness. In this article, I'll take you through the energy and how you can participate in it.

a man and woman in a library facing each other while someone holds a book with the title happy on it

Fake it till you make it?

Every time the Sun enters a new gate - we get a new energy frequency to play with. Sometimes this brings up old energy that we need to deal with and sometimes this brings about new opportunities, experiences + ideas.

The shadow aspect manifests as a state of mediocrity and may show up as woodenly going through the motions of service or living in complete service to superficiality. But being able to witness this or be aware of it is a HUGE gift because you are then conscious enough to make a decision about it. Sometimes we've used up all the energy and opportunity of an experiences and it's time to move on from that. So if what you're engaging in doesn't still serve your life you will either feel blah about it or feel like you need to fake it, it just means it's time to shift because whatever you're participating in, isn't working for you anymore.

Let's explore the more introverted or passive form of this expression - wooden. This is the kind of energy we witness in the daily grind of things. People shuffling their feet day in and day out. The boredom of life when things become too monotonous but we keep trucking anyways. We 'woodenly' go through motions of our life with out really feeling anything or actually being happy. There is a blandness which eventually leads to breakthrough but if you're numb to life, you might get a bump in this energy.

The aggressive or extroverted version of this expression is superficiality. Now as soon as you hear superficiality you may think of all the people on social media trying to showcase only the happiest parts of their life or the influencers pretending everything is perfect, or the people who get plastic surgery to appear perfect. And they definitely exude the energy of superficiality. But, we are exude superficiality in some form or another. Often we posture as a means of being liked or fitting in or because we think that's how we have to be. This is also the type of energy that creates comparison as if comparing ourselves gives us some kind of leverage of value in life. And in this energy, anywhere you feel you need to be someone you're not may stick out like a sore thumb.


a woman standing in the soft morning light of the sun with her hand on her chest taking in a deep breath and looking calm

Ok, This Might Be Me, Now What?

Well, with every sense of conscious awareness, we get to participate in a shift. We get to consciously choose how to shift out of the shit we are in. Sometimes the shift is palpable, sometimes the shift takes a bit longer depending on how much you're moving out. Be patient with yourself in this process and honor that your acknowledgement and acceptance of your state is like three quarters of the battle.

You can shift when you witness how you’ve become mediocre or have been made to feel mediocre and choose to embrace your own personal existence.

Ok, what does that even look like? Here are some examples of that:

  • witness where you're tapped out in life, acknowledge that you are, and honor that you're still worthy of love and acceptance and great things

  • observe where you've been made to feel less than or 'mediocre' in your life and swiftly make note of who or what creates this exchange and you - then just as swiftly find a way to disengage or remove yourself. Sometimes this is permanent, sometimes it's temporary - you get to decide

  • Acknowledge that you may be avoiding the deeper feelings or avoiding the ending of something in your life - honor that you're completely innocent in that and no one blames you for wanting to keep things the same (sometimes we confuse familiarity for comfort) - and maybe, if you can, allow yourself to feel and break free of the monotony

  • Embrace the uniqueness that is you - respect and love your little weird self - maybe even let yourself dream of a life that wasn't one that wasn't expected of you


a fancily dressed person walking through the intersection of a busy city

How Exquisite Are You?

In all honesty, when it comes to life, there is no comparison. Due to filters and perceptions there is no one thing the same in anyone's eyes. And while yes, we often see consideration for the general consensus of things, it stands to reason even that is diversified by the opinions involved in this expression.

The point is that each and every one of us on this planet is unique and exquisite and it's only when we try to determine that based on how other's are responded to that we tend to not live into that.

Embodying the gift is about letting yourself be you and be passionate about that.

This spectrum can range from completely overhauling your life to making little changes that make you feel good. But regardless of the expression - you'll feel called to walk through life marching to the beat of your own drum.

For example, maybe you have a business and you have been trying to market or run your business how every one else does - going through the motions, checking off the boxes - but not really enjoying the experience. You may feel compelled to completely overhaul your business or tweak a few things that make the expression of your business more aligned with who you really are and what you're trying to put out there. But the trick is that you can't come from a place of trying to figure out what others' want. You need to feel into what you want and want to be and run with that.

To be able to honor yourself with such authenticity is an incredibly rare gift! Style isn't always about physical expression of your appearance, your style is your unique energy frequency you put out into the world.

If you'd like to know more about your unique energy frequency, I'd love to work with you! Please feel free to check out my session availability here.

Stay weird, stay true to your path,

Lots of love,



Is Your Birthday Between May 16-20?

Just a little sidenote: For those of you whose Sun sign is between 24°30' - 29°60' (Approx. May 16-20) of Taurus and 0°00' - 0°07' (May 20) of Gemini - this energy is huge part of what you're here to master purpose wise - how you go about that and how it serves you in life will be different for each of you! Happy Birthday time!

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